Comic Cosplay: Veronica Lodge

Because I’m mega late on talking about my Halloween makeup for Veronica Lodge, I’ll just go ahead and call this a cosplay post so you can prep for next Halloween. The finished face makeup look was this:

Alicia is shown wearing comic book style makeup as Veronica Lodge.

My best resource was this Youtube video showing the comic book makeup look 4 different ways, which shows multiple levels of commitment/difficulty and includes some white dots. I wanted to experiment with the white dots, but not have them all over my entire face. I followed this tutorial almost exactly.


I used both black pencil and liquid eyeliner throughout, but mainly liquid eyeliner. Because my skin is oily, I used them both (liquid first, followed by pencil) on shiny areas like the side of my nose. I used false eyelashes and my lipstick is a super bright red from MACs matte lipstick line.

I used blue spray hair colour on the top of my hair to go for that blue shine area she always has. It didn’t show up great and made my hair a crazy texture!
You can see in this photo that I did bring the makeup down to my neck, but that was a danger smear zone I wouldn’t recommend if you’re going to be bundling up!
My outfit had jewel tones and luxe elements like pearls and feathers.

Hope you enjoy and let me know if you need any tips!




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