Living Room Modern Style with Behr Marquee Paint

I had been living in this terracotta darkness since 2010.

A small living room is pictured with a blue-gray couch, modern pillows, and a gray rug.

I hadn’t liked it from the start, but for some reason I let myself think that painting the living room would take a bunch of effort, or I distracted myself with other projects.

Finally, back in October, I got the motivation to begin. My biggest motivators were:

  1. My sister (over at Birch & Peony) reviewed my top colour picks. She checked Pinterest for real rooms with those colours. She then told me to forego the sample pots and just forge ahead with my favourite option.
  2. My friend Amanda (Pawsitive Pets Grooming) took an entire day out of her life and came over to help (lead) the painting process.

Here we go:

The results with 2 coats of Behr Marquee paint:

A long CB2 dining table is pictured with gray leather Structube chairs in a room with light gray walls.

I’m SO happy with this change. It is calming and it motivated husby and I to do more around the estate (ie: tiny house).

Hopefully this will be inspiration for you to get a small job done that has a big impact!




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