Buying an IKEA Karlstad Sofa Slipcover from eBay

With my recent change in living room wall colour, I wanted a gray slipcover for my IKEA Karlstad sectional (sorry for the wonky lighting!).

Two living room images are shown with terracotta and light gray wall colors and an IKEA Karlstad couch.

I originally wanted the Isunda Gray colour when we bought the couch around 2011, but I could only convince husby to go with the stock option at that time.

Although the Karlstad line was recently discontinued, I found a supplier on eBay of handmade slipcovers in multiple fabrics and colours. I got an option I thought would map closely to one of my chairs.

A goldendoodle rests on an IKEA Karlstad chaise with a slipcover purchased from eBay.
Although my order came with the bottom pieces, we decided we liked the two tone effect on the couch.

I love how the gray looks in my National Day of Nonsense photos!

A goldendoodle is shown with a letterboard sign, a bright pink and red throw blanket, on an IKEA Kalrstad chaise with gray slipcover.

Let me know if you’d like more details about the supplier!




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