Buying Produce from the Salad Bar: Basics for a Healthy Supper

After the holidays are over, I crave healthy food. This past break, I got home at 6pm the day before I had to head back to work and I was tired from getting almost no sleep the night before. That tiredness lasted all the way until Friday.

On Thursday, I was determined to make veggie burgers for dinner. I needed a quick option to get me on my way because I was going out to pick up groceries and help a friend choose tile for her new house.

My co-worker reminded me I could get cheese buns from Sunterra on my lunch break. I was so surprised that they were only $2.50 for 6 buns! While there, I got the idea to hit up the salad bar for lettuce, sprouts, pickles, olives, and even parmesan cheese – all for $2.50 as well!

I felt like I won adulting this week, which was a post-holiday boost I needed.

Happy produce shopping at the salad bar!


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