Wait Until Payday: Delayed Online Shopping

In an effort to reduce my consumption of clothing and other material goods for environmental, ethical, and financial reasons, I’ve been trying out a new tactic: purposeful delayed gratification.

I already have my paydays in my Google Calendar. In those events, I add links to clothing or other non-essential material things I’m looking at. This works well for me because I do most of my shopping online and I even organize with headings, like the print below which I listed under HOME DECOR.

A beautiful new print I bought online from Metis artist Lisa Shepherd.

Then, when payday rolls around, I spend some time opening those links and combing through the merch. 100% of the time I will buy considerably less than if I had put everything in my cart and checked out while I was browsing.

Payday is just my regular marker to pass time before I buy. Feel free to use whatever works for you!

Would you like any other online shopping tips? Let me know in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Wait Until Payday: Delayed Online Shopping

  1. That is a brilliant idea. I too often lay awake in bed looking at things online, which, I of course buy, in my half awake state, only later to feel that it was a frivolous purchase.

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