Retro Style: Plus Size Comparison

Hello lovelies!

I have had a hard time finding size comparisons between retro, rockabilly, and other indie brands. You likely already know that indie sizing may be far from the size you are used to buying. I ended up buying based on my measurements at a minimum with some larger options in the mix.

Below you will find my size comparison between the retro/indie clothing I own. My measurements are 46, 39, 47″. My usual sizing for comparison: 18UK top & bottom with Asos, XL-1X for Modcloth, 14-16 (XL) at Ricki’s, 1X-2X for Forever 21 Plus. Feel free to ask me anything specific in the comments. All links below are Amazon affiliate links!


Banned Wanderlust Skirt – 3XLPerfect Fit.

Banned Starlight Petticoat (Crinoline) in Pink – XL/2XLPerfect Fit and I LOVE how soft it is!

Banned Flickers Bolero in Red – 2XL Good fit, maybe slightly larger than needed.

Bettie Page

XXL Skirt (Unknown Style) – Good fit – fits smaller than the Banned 3XL, close to Hell Bunny 2XL.

4XL Dress – After taking in the straps to make them shorter, perfect fit.

Esther Williams

Esther Williams Swimwear – One Piece Sheath Swimsuit, 18 – Fits great!

Heart of Haute

Heart of Haute Gypsy Skirt in Roses are Red – 1XL – Way too small & I believe I would need a 3XL in this one.

Heart of Haute Marilyn Top in Black – 1XL – Good fit but there is a lot of room so I could easily stand to go one size smaller to the XL.

Hell Bunny

Hell Bunny Tara 50s Skirt in Blue – 2XLSlightly smaller than the Banned 3XL, but only off by about 1 inch.

Hell Bunny Martie Skirt in Mint – 2XLSame as above, about 1 inch too small.

Hell Bunny Monte Carlo 50s Skirt – 3XL – Yay, I was able to find the perfect fit!

Hell Bunny Elise Top – 3XL – Good fit, like the Heart of Haute 1XL.

The Oblong Box Shop

Palm Desert Stripe Shorts – 3X – Perfect fit!

Flamingo Life Shorts – 3X – Perfecto.

Sneaky Tiki Lounge Peach Dolman T – L – It said it ran large and I can definitely wear it. I should have gotten one size bigger.

Un-Happy Camper Shorts – 3X – Great fit.

Un-Happy Camper Novelty Print Gathered Skirt – 3X – Love the fit and I’m obsessed with this skirt!!

Rock Steady – Men’s

Rock Steady Loose Lips Mens Ringer Tee – M – A little tight, but fits how I wanted it.

Let me know in the comments if you have a brand you’d like me to compare!





One thought on “Retro Style: Plus Size Comparison

  1. Thanks for the mention! Sizing is something I am constantly mentioning to our vendors. There isn’t a large enough range of sizing, along with consistency. We provide size charts for each product on the product page to make it easier to view instead of having to search through a list of charts.


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