Superstore Click & Collect Review – #YEG

Produce is good quality!
I’ve ordered four times with Superstore’s Click & Collect service at the Calgary Trail store in Edmonton. My comprehensive review covers the entire ordering process from start to finish.
Rating: 8/10


I first took the plunge while Hubs was away on business for a few weeks and I needed a big shop, including all of the paper products.
Here are the benefits of ordering groceries, in short:
  • The most obvious benefit is convenience – you can quietly and calmly shop online when you have time.
  • You know how superstore has some products (ie: rice, coconut milk) that can be found in 3 spots? Shopping online actually makes it super easy to price compare when you otherwise might not find all of the alternatives.
  • If you remember something partway through editing your cart, you can search for it, instead of finding your way back in a busy store (ie: I was in the salt aisle when I remembered the kale). Related, I remembered partway through to check my paper products at home – impossible if you were in the store.
  • I was also able to finally join the PC Plus program, which I’ve never had time for in store. I didn’t even know there was an app where you could sign up.
  • Depending on your pick-up time, you can edit the order even after placing it.
  • The search function wasn’t perfect. When I searched for “apple” the first item was “Bosc Pear.”
  • It’s not entirely clear odd the hop how substitutions will pan out if they don’t have something in stock.
  • Some of the produce or liquids volume is unclear if you don’t know what would come in a normal package.
Tiny coconut milks – I didn’t compare the total volume to other options.


Once you arrive at the store, you park in the yellow Click & Collect spots, near the front of the building at the right of the main entrance. You call in (so have a cell phone handy) to let them know you are there and I just needed my phone number to verify my identity. I let them know to use my credit card on file (from placing my order) and no money need exchange hands.

  • Each time, the process has been quite quick – from 5-10 minutes.
  • The “picker” verified that I wanted the substitutions sent to me by email.
  • 2/4 orders I have asked for “Meat in a separate bag” when ordering and received meat combined with cheese and other fresh goods.


Details are from my first order:
Even though I put in the online ordering comments, “No higher priced substitutions” and said it again on the phone when picking up, I got the higher priced subs that were included in the confirmation email (which I only noticed was in my inbox when I got to the store). Only 4 items were unavailable: 2 didn’t have subs (fresh basil and flavoured tofu), and 2 had higher priced subs. Altogether, this error wouldn’t have made more than a $2.25 difference on my bill, so really not a big deal. However, the system was a little wonky as the email came in at 10:25AM, but it said I had to make changes by 10:00AM.
My estimated total was 109.21 and I paid 104.95 due to the items with no substitutions. I paid more for Fuji apples than the estimate because you order a quantity (3) and pay by weight. Same with similar weighed produced. Items listed online include the deposit fees, so those won’t be a surprise in store.

Overall 8.5/10 in my life!


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