Round-Up: Art Deco Wedding Supplies

Photo by: Flickr user Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose

For a few years now, I’ve noted that Art Deco is a kind of aesthetic I can get behind. I think part of adulting is knowing what you like in art. I love the fonts, the colours (can I get a “yes please” on pistachio and gold?), and the overall geometric symmetry of Art Deco, even if a shift dress looks like crappiola on me. Bolstered by my love for Boardwalk Empire, Gatsby, and Downton Abbey, I was feeling the 20s so strongly that I decided to incorporate its glitz in my wedding plans.

With a YEG-based legal ceremony and a Costa Rican destination wedding in March, I have had many opportunities to incorporate this vibe:




I’ll update in a couple months with pictures from the wedding(s)!

Do you have any Art Deco supplies I’m missing? What is your wedding vibe in 2016?





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