Round-Up for Resort 2016: My Teva Sandals Obsession


For summer 2015 I bought two pairs of Teva’s – my first time trying them out – and I wore the crap out of them. They fit well on my wide feet (due to the velcro adjustable straps on both) and are super comfortable. I think part of adulting for me is about wearing shoes that have form and function (bonus if also made with sustainability and the environment in mind). Luckily, we are living in a time when sneakers and sports sandals are completely in style.

Here is a round-up of what’s on my Teva wishlist:


Deckers Flip, $45, Colour: MAGICAL LEAVES OCEAN WAVE (Love the name!)

Excursions/Day Walking:

Original Sandal Mash Up, $55, Colour: Mashup Orchid

Original Sandal Crafted Leather, $110, Colour: Brown

Original Sandal Ombre, $90, Colour: White

Nice Enough for Dinners:

Slim Universal, $90, Colour: Tan (loving the thin straps on these)

Avalina Sandal, $100, Colour: Inca Black

Avalina Crossover Leather, $100, Colour: Tan

Capri Universal, $105, Colour: Pearlized Black

I’m also really intrigued by the Terra Float Nova and Terra Float Nova Lux as both seem like they would be really light with a lot of grip to the sole, but I would definitely wait for some reviews/online photos before trying them out.

What is your fave form + function sandals brand?





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