Teach Me Tuesday: Self-Care

Even lizards need a spa day.

With it being a new benefit year for me at work, I’m jazzed that I can now use most/all of my Health Spending Account allocations for massages. In January 2015, I used up a couple years’ benefits to get laser eye surgery (I’ll recount the process for you in another blog post), so I no longer need to pay for glasses, contacts, and annual eye exams.

I started getting massages for general back pain (don’t all office workers have some form of dull ache?) and stress relief. Now, it has become a time I look forward to every month when I’m at my most mindful of my body and its connection to stress. I had a family member pass away and at my last massage, I noticed that my RMT found a giant knot in my hamstring. It’s in those moments in that dark, warm room with the fountain, soothing music, and eucalyptus scent, that I spend the time making those connections.

But self-care doesn’t need to cost $90 an hour (although I’d highly recommend massage if it’s right for you). For me, it’s also in taking a bath scented with essential oils, having a stellar glass of red wine, or taking a hard look at what’s possible in a day and sometimes saying “no.”

What are your favourite ways to practice self-care?




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