How to Ship “US Only” to Canada

Image byย Flickr user: Tracey Adams

I’m categorizing this topic under Winning Wednesday because if you can save money with this, you’ve won a lifehack contest.

I first encountered this idea from my friend Sam after whining for about a year that my Google Nexus 4 from 2012 was dying. It fake-died on me multiple times. My sister would call and I wouldn’t be able to swipe to answer the phone. So when the new Moto X Pure came out this year (look at that bamboo!), he sent me info on, which allows you to purchase a US-only item, ship it to their warehouses, and then mail forward it on to Canada. I haven’t used this service yet because the Android pure Nexus 5x came out (!), but I wanted to put together a little round-up of reviews and see if any of you out there have positive or negative anecdotes:


TrustPilot 6.8/10

Redflagdeals reviews

Note: I found more negative reviews online for shipping to Australia and Namibia, but I am keeping this Canada-focused.


Positive reviews at Sitejabber.


Mixed reviews on TrustPilot, but there is one positive review in there from Sherwood Park!

Mixed (mostly negative) reviews at Sitejabber.

Please let me know in the comments if you have experiences with these services!


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